What manner of egomaniac would create a website like this?

Jared Cameron

–  riding off into the sunset with neither dignity nor silence –  that’s who!

The Broiler

Text Box: Among the things The Broiler doesn’t offer are a web site, valet parking, reservations, vodka martinis, a dress code and Limoges china —  well, any plates at all, for that matter.

What The Broiler — located on Colombia Pike just south of Glebe Road in Arlington – does offer is the best sandwiches in the Eye of God!  Good pizza, too, I’m told, but you won’t catch me wasting valuable stomach RAM on pizza when a Broiler sausage sub or steak sandwich are within walking, driving or flying distance.

Their steak subs beat the pants off the best Philly Cheese Steak.  And how good is the sausage and cheese sub?

Lemme tell you:  When either The Little Woman or I would come back to Washington on business or home leave during our eight-year stint on Taiwan, here was the drill:  The lucky traveler would land at Dulles or National — usually a jet lagged wreck after the 26-hour flight. He or she would then rent a car, throw the luggage in the trunk and head for The Broiler. Once the luscious combination of spicy, homemade sausage, fresh, lightly grilled bread and lettuce topped with a just-right dollop of mayonnaise came off the grill, the traveler chowed-down, right?  Wrong!

Instead, the sojourner went over to the payphone in the corner, called the stuck-in-Taipei spouse and took the first bite at a volume sufficient to transmit the sounds of chewing and savoring over international telephone circuits at $2.45 a minute.

We’re cruel people, but we know our sandwiches!