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Food fights and favorites

The best in Washington

Begin with a bright, bubbly and effusive New York-style greeting from host-extraordinaire Tommy Jacomo often accompanied by traditional hand-gestures indicating you’re the Palm’s ‘number one’ customer...Outstanding service by Society Waiter ‘Johnny Fever’ or Denise when John is out hunting  livestock….Sup on a superb side of beast, a luscious lobster larger than Luxembourg...Or outstanding veal, chicken and fish dishes when you're trying to get your  cholesterol  under 600…Take home the inevitable leftovers and dine for days, reducing the price-per-portion to, well, manageable...Ogle Mary Pat and her martinis that dreams are made of...Dine with the stars, politicians, lobbyists and congenial folks out to have a good time...Join the 837 Club and get a free lobster on your birthday plus free angioplasty when you earn 10,000 points...Great food, good people, a guaranteed good time very time and a caricature of me on the wall...And if you’re pretty, interesting or both, I’ll buy you a martini...What more could you want? 

The Caricature — on the Palm’s ‘Presidential Level’

Reliable Source

in the

Washington Post

on Palm caricatures


Sic transit Gloria

What Reliable Source missed: The took down former VP Dick Chaney’s caricature

and replaced it with President and Mrs. Obama’s

At the Palm, the famously schmoozy downtown steakhouse, hundreds of caricatures of the power brokers who hang out there line the walls -- senators, lobbyists, corporate titans . . . wait, how'd he get up there?

Despite his place of honor on the wall, George W. Bush never dined there, the first president in the Palm's 37 years who did not. "It broke my streak," groused Executive Director Tommy Jacomo. "His father was here all the time."

Jacomo hung Bush's picture the day after he was elected but doesn't take offense at the no-show: "He never went out much." Well, there was the time he went to Morton's in '01, and that dinner at Cactus Cantina in '03 . . . hey, Jacomo's right, Bush never went anywhere!

Another guy who rarely got out: Barack Obama, in his years as senator. He claims he'll dine out more, now that Michelle's here. Their picture just went up, next to Bush. Said Jacomo: "I'm sure we're going to get him. I feel confident."

Caricatures of the Obamas have been added to the wall at the Palm in downtown Washington -- next to the one of George W. Bush, who never actually dined there. (Amy Argetsinger/The Washington Post)