What manner of egomaniac would create a website like this?

Jared Cameron

–  riding off into the sunset with neither dignity nor silence –  that’s who!

The wedding crasher


“We are going to have tons and tons of opportunities

to meet gorgeous ladies that are so aroused by the thought of marriage

that they'll throw their inhibitions to the wind.”

Always have your hair done before the wedding!

Offer to stand in for the groom at the rehearsal

Wear appropriate wedding attire

Hold out for a wrist corsage or tiara!

Tell brides what to expect on their wedding night

Try not to make the groom feel left out

Help kids welcome their new daddy

Make sure moms feel included

Always respect the ceremony’s religious significance

Never believe bridesmaids who promise to e-mail

God help the mister who comes between a bride

and her sister

Always have your photo taken in compromising poses